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Friday, April 25, 2014

        Analysts of vehicle accidents have conducted numerous studies and surveys concerning the types of vehicles which are most frequently involved in accidents causing death and serious injury.  Several of these studies indicate that over the road trucks, usually known as “18-wheelers” and other commercial vehicles cause a disproportionate number of fatalities and serious injuries.

Annually almost 5000 people die in collisions involving large trucks.  Large commercial vehicles make up less than 5% of all passenger vehicles on U.S. roads, but approximately 12% of all accident fatalities involve commercial vehicles.  The reasons for this are two fold.  First, the tremendous weight of large commercial vehicles creates more impact in a collision.  Secondly, large commercial vehicles are more difficult to steer in certain circumstances, and their size limits the ability of the driver to avoid collisions.

The United States Department of Transportation has been charged by Congress with the responsibility of writing regulations for the safe operation of commercial vehicles.  The operators of commercial motor carriers must meet many government regulations concerning the vehicles and the drivers it employs.  Issues that are often involved in commercial truck litigation include: truck driver hours of services, truck driver distraction due to electronic devices, proper inspection of commercial vehicles, and training and licensing of truck drivers.

Most commercial vehicles carry large amounts of liability coverage, and therefore adequate compensation for a death or serious injury is more like to be available through an insurance carrier than if the party at fault is a private individual driving a noncommercial car or truck.  The attorneys at Montague, Pittman & Varnado have represented parties injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents for over thirty-five years.  We have the skill and resources, including contacts with expert accident reconstructionist, to handle significant personal injury or death claims caused by vehicle accidents.


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